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  • Bible Black was US band formed by two ex-Elf/Rainbow musicians: durmmer Gary Driscoll and bassist Craig Gruber with guitarist Duck McDonald and singer Jeff Fenholt (famous for his lead role in the Jesus Christ Superstar).
  • “Bible Black” is a song by heavy metal band Heaven & Hell from their 2009 album, The Devil You Know. The song was premiered on 20 March 2009 by Eddie Trunk.


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Watch Me Fly: What I Learned on Becoming the Woman I Was Meant to Be
Watch Me Fly: What I Learned on Becoming the Woman I Was Meant to Be
As the first full-time chairman of the NAACP and popular speaker, as a committed activist and the widow of slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers, as a powerful businesswoman breaking racial and gender barriers in corporate boardrooms and municipal government, Myrlie Evers-Williams is one of the most respected African-Americans in this country. Her dignity and perseverance in bringing her husband’s killer to justice – a battle she waged for more than thirty years – have made her an inspiration and role model for millions of women of all ages and races.
Yet few people know the private side of this most remarkable of public lives, a side that Myrlie Evers-Williams shares for the first time in WATCH ME FLY. Here is a moving and vivid portrait of a childhood within a family of proud, determined Mississippi women; of the harrowing dangers her family faced during the civil rights struggle; of her family faced during the civil rights struggle; of her efforts as a single mother to raise three children while attending college, efforts that left her battling depression; of her opening her heart to another wonderful man, only to lose him to cancer; and of her path from business and civic careers to her brilliant leadership of the NAACP through scandal to newfound vitality.
WATCH ME FLY is not just a traditional memoir, however, but what Myrlie Evers-Williams calls an “instructive autobiography,” a book that links her memories to the wisdom she has gained over the years. With the warmth and practicality of a best friend and the savvy guidance of an extraordinary leader, she writes about financial survival, single parenting, the secrets of a successful relationship, building career, corporate gamesmanship, and aging.
Through fascinating, sometimes tragic, sometimes joyous times of Myrlie Evers-Williams’s life, we share in this great woman’s journey through history and to her discovery of the woman she was meant to be.

Thrust into the public eye when she was 18 as the spouse of civil rights leader Medgar Evers, Myrlie Evers-Williams has developed a public persona that protects her extremely private life. In this courageous autobiography, she traces her evolution from “the daughter/niece/wife of…” to her own separate identity as a civil rights pioneer, successful businesswoman, and community leader. She explains in the introduction that she “was not always the hopeful, always strong single mother. I was not always nice and forgiving, compliant and ladylike. This is the Myrlie who speaks for herself as herself.”
Evers-Williams speaks to all the rumors and assumptions that have been placed upon her as she reflects and discusses the events of her public and private lives. She explores her childhood in Mississippi, her college experiences, her marriage to Medgar Evers, the aftermath of his tragic assassination, her rise in corporate America, and her tenure as the chairperson for the NAACP. In this “instructional autobiography,” she crafts wisdom from her own struggles with issues of identity and privacy, offering advice on coping with common struggles like financial independence, single motherhood, and workplace politics. Most importantly, though, Watch Me Fly documents the role of women in the civil rights movement in an unapologetic, honest account that adds a personal perspective to the events described in history books. –Amy Wan

Bible Black

Bible Black
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Bible Black

Bible Black
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watch bible black online free

Sex Craft
When some Japanese schoolgirls fool around with a witchboard game, they accidentally unleash a carnally crazed spectre who uses them to lure unsuspecting men, then drain its victims of their sexual energy. A female exorcist may be able to save the girls, but first she’ll have to deal with a supernatural rapist, in this twisted tale of anime erotica. WARNING: Contains nudity and sexual situations; adults only. 60 min. Standard; Soundtracks: Japanese, English; Subtitles: English. In Japanese with English subtitles/Dubbed in English.